The Word, The Blessings, and The Curses from Yah!

Deuteronomy 28:1-2, 3, 6,12-14 (CJB)

 “If you listen closely to what Yehovah your God says, observing and obeying all his mitzvot (commands) which I am giving you today, YEHOVAH your God will raise you high above all the nations on earth; and all the following blessings will be yours in abundance — if you will do what Yehovah your God says: here’s 5 of 14; 

 “A blessing on you in the city, and a blessing on you in the countryside.  “A blessing on you when you go out, and a blessing on you when you come in. Yehovah will open for you his good treasure, the sky, to give your land its rain at the right seasons and to bless everything you undertake. You will lend to many nations and not borrow;  Yehovah will make you the head and not the tail; and you will be only above, never below — if you will listen to, observe and obey the commands of Yehovah your God  and not turn away from any of the words I am ordering you today, neither to the right nor to the left, to follow after other gods and serve them.

Deuteronomy 28:15, 20, 22, 28-30, 64, 65 (CJB)

“But if you refuse to pay attention to what Yehovah your God says, and do not observe and obey all his commands and regulations which I am giving you today, then all the following curses will be yours in abundance: here are a few, READ the rest for yourself (15-68)!  They have not expired as some may LIE and SAY!  Look around you and tell me these things are not happening still TODAY!

Yehovah will send on you curses, disasters and frustration in everything you set out to do, until you are destroyed and quickly perish, because of your evil actions in abandoning me.

Yehovah will strike you down with wasting diseases, fever, inflammation, fiery heat, drought, blasting winds and mildew; and they will pursue you until you perish.

Yehovah will strike you with insanity, blindness and utter confusion.

“You will be continually oppressed and robbed, and there will be no one to save you. You will get engaged to a woman, but another man will marry her. You will build a house but not live in it.

 Yehovah will scatter you among all peoples from one end of the earth to the other, and there you will serve other gods, made of wood and stone, which neither you nor your ancestors have known. Among these nations you will not find repose, and there will be no rest for the sole of your foot; rather Yehovah will give you there anguish of heart, dimness of eyes and apathy of spirit.

~ Take time out this Sabbath or the weekend for some and read The Word for yourself! ~


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