Pagan holidays

The Historical Truth about Halloween!

Please enjoy this very special treat this Sabbath; on the origins of Halloween by a dear brother in Messiah Yeshua, W.Struse. If this touches your heart, please share on social media outlets! Sharon The Story of Halloween I have one of those ‘what if’ questions for you this week. What would you think if… After […]

Beware that Snare: Saint Valentine’s Day!

This is one of the most researched article I like, about the pagan holiday Valentine day that many around the world will celebrate this coming Sunday. In Deuteronomy 12:30 Yah’s people are warned not to be snared into worshiping Him the way pagan nations worship their gods. Yet we were snared anyway! The Roman Catholic […]

18 Reasons Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween

 More and more believers are coming to the true knowledge and origins of this satanic festival of the dead. This is an excellent article that expresses the reasons we (Goodwin family) do not celebrate this pagan holiday anymore for many years now. By Michael Snyder, on October 28th, 2015 This year, 64 percent of all Americans will […]

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