Syphilis Increasing Among Millennials in America!

Now the leadership in US have redefined what marriage is and have turned this society into a what ever goes mentality. The God of creation designed sex only for marriage (male/female) and to provide blessings from this type of godly relationship. However, sexual activity outside of marriage has serious and lasting consequences. Sharon The sexually transmitted infection […]

The First Blessing in the Bible

Enjoy and be blessed by this mini teaching on Yehovah our GOD and his blessings for his creation. Sharon Did you know that the first blessing in the Bible takes place during the creation of the world? Immediately after the creation of Adam and Eve, God blesses him and gives them the land network (control). […]

Yeshua the Messiah in Every Book of the Bible

In Genesis, Yeshua is the eternal Torah-light of the world, the breath of life and the seed of the woman. In Exodus, he is the Passover lamb, the Torah-Word of Elohim, and the way to the Father in the tabernacle. In Leviticus, he is our atoning sacrifice and our high priest. In Numbers, he is […]

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