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Hidden Costs of Smartphones!

When I first read this article it did not surprise me to hear of such phenomenon going on around the world with the increase in technology. Electronic devices can easily become one of the tools of the “god of this age,” Satan the devil (2 Corinthians 4:4), to separate us from more important aspects of life. […]

Deluge in Houston!

 For many do not know what the scriptures say about these things; and for that matter who they believe control the weather! Let us pray for all those who are suffering from this and other tragic situations that are occurring around the globe. Sharon Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Gulf Coast over the weekend, destroying properties and […]

Going on Vacation!!

Shalom friends, I will be on vacation for about a week. So there will be no postings during this time.  I will leave you with a word of blessing and pray for me safe travels. Then Adonai will be king over the whole world. On that day Adonai will be the only one, and his name […]

Stop Calling it the ‘Old Testament’

I agree with this article, and I say stop calling it the New Testament TOO. There is the Covenant (Tanakh) and Renewed Covenant (Brit Hadashah) period! Let’s begin to use terms, such as Hebrew Bible, Tanakh, and Brit Hadashah. Sharon Stop Calling it the ‘Old Testament’ By Michael Freund March 12, 2017 , 9:00 am Read more at

Severe Drought in Kenya!

 Yeshua our Messiah is coming soon, do not give up hope. This is the Good News that awaits the suffering people of Kenya and other parts of the world. Sharon Over the last week, “60,000 Turkana pastoralists and 127,000 livestock have moved [from northwest Kenya] to Uganda’s Karamjoa sub-region” in search of vegetation for their […]

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